Hotel Platform

We build unique systems for your motel, hotel or chain of multiple. Manage reception, rooms, restaurant, wellness, gym, spa, entertainment center all from one place. Have access to reports from any hotel of yours and any part of it so you can improve your customer service. It doesn’t matter if you are small motel or big hotel, we will offer you multiple systems that can suit both your needs and budget!

  • Business Program Development
  • Simple employee system (login with permissions)
  • Simple room management (up to 100 rooms)
    – General info (reservations, number of beds, terraces, price per day, AC, TV, Wifi, internet, smoking zone etc)
    – Manage room status (free/occupied)
    – Manage room cleaning (information about cleaning / servicing rooms)
    – Manage room mini bar (hold information about what is taken from minibar)
    – Invoice (print)
    – Manage additional room rules (print)
    – Guest info (covered in next section)
  • Simple guest management (can be used as one guest or as group)
    – General info (first & last name, age, ex, state etc.)
    – Passport / ID information
  • Mini bar management
    – Manage items in minibar
    – Manage what is took from minibar
    – Print invoice
Everything silver has and
  • Room management (up to 1000 rooms)
    – Additional info:
    – Room type
  • Reports (can be filtered per type, month, season or any other info object report is targeting has)
    – Average room occupancy
    – Average hotel / motel occupancy
    – Room income summary
    – Hotel / motel income summary
  • Restaurant management
    – Manage menu
    – Manage tables
    – Bills
  • Guest management
    – Additional services guest have access to (pool, spa, sauna, gym etc.)
Everything gold has and
  • Lot more reports about rooms
  • Report about restaurant (most selling food, most occupied table)
  • Other services reports (usage of sauna, spa, gym etc.)
  • Employee management reports
  • Always updated to newest version of system
  • Can request what to do on system without paying extra